Tips for Shopping for Ventless Fireplaces

Whether you are moving into a new place or simply looking to give your space a facelift, you are probably pretty excited to start shopping for ventless fireplaces for the home. Unfortunately, if you are like most others, you are not even close to prepared for the selection that is available. Sure, you are familiar with electric models, but what about gel or biofuel? Are these options you should be considering? Suddenly, you feel pretty overwhelmed, and the shopping process is not nearly as exciting anymore. These tips will help!

Get Familiar with Your Options

Before you start shopping for ventless fireplaces for the home, you really should just take a few minutes and become familiar with your options, especially the fuel sources. This is your first tip! This will help narrow the selection down a little. Keep in mind that since they are ventless and don’t compromise air quality, there is no reason why you can’t have one for every room. Mount a wall fireplace in the bathroom for a spa atmosphere, and then a floor model in your bedroom and a corner fireplace in the living room.

  • Electric – These models can be used anywhere that you have an electric outlet. They use minimal energy and generate plenty of heat.
  • Gel and Biofuel – Although grouped in the same category, gel and biofuel are very different. Gel is alcohol-derived, which turns into water vapor when burned, but biofuel comes from sustainable crops. Both are environmentally friendly. They bring a dramatic impact to a room, but they are more costly to operate than electrical models. However, if you are only going to run it for a few hours a day while you are home watching a movie or entertaining guests, then they can be pretty affordable to operate.

Determine Your Needs

The next tip is to determine what your needs are. Do you need a piece of art as a focal point? Consider a wall fireplace. Are you short on floor space? Then perhaps a corner model that is out-of-the-way of foot traffic would be your best option.

Do you have end tables or shelving that could use a little excitement? Tabletop fireplaces are very affordable and can be placed pretty much anywhere. Many can even be used outside so you enjoy them on your patio and then bring them inside when you come in for the evening.

Shopping for ventless fireplaces for the home can be overwhelming, but if you become familiar with your options and have a general idea of what you are looking for, the decision-making is much easier.

Shopping for Ventless Fireplaces for the Home should be exciting. They give you the opportunity to create a more beautiful, warm and inviting space, but you do have a lot of decisions to make, such as choosing between floor, tabletop and Wall Fireplace styles.